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A thoughtful commentary on issues in Physical Therapy for children, adolescents and adults experiencing challenges with movement

The Eyes Have It: The Basics

In the first post of this series (The Eyes Have It: The Foundation) we discussed the development of functional vision, it’s impact on movement and it’s intimate connection to the vestibular system.  Today we’re going to discuss terms that have to do with functional vision: visual efficiency, visual processing and visualmotor integration 1. Visual Efficiency There

What Do Pediatric Physical Therapists Do?

There is a wonderful social media campaign in the USA that promotes “Get PT 1st” to address increased awareness of what Physical Therapy has to offer to so many different people in our communities.   A few days ago I commented that I would have loved the video being shared on Facebook even more if

The Eyes Have It: The Foundation

I learned very little about vision in PT school.  When clients came to me, parents would often say their child’s vision had been checked and it was fine.  Except that as I watched them move, their vision didn’t seem fine.  And so I began yet another educational journey – this time to learn about functional

6 Things Parents Should Know About Core Stability and the Development of Movement

1. Core stability is not created by muscle strength. New research over the past 20 years has taught us that core stability is not equal to the strength of stomach or back or hip muscles. Because we now understand that core stability has as much to do with the brain as it has to do

Run, Run, Run As Fast As You Can!

A few weeks ago I had occasion to assess a lovely little girl. Her mom had several concerns one of which was her incoordination during running.  I noted that there were difficulties with alignment in all positions/activities (pelvis and rib cage tending to stabilize at end range rather than display mid-range control) and this was