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Pondering Postural Control: Neuromuscular Synergies

I have long been fascinated by the concept of synergies.  “As a biological phenomenon, a commonly accepted general definition of muscle synergy is simply a stable spatiotemporal pattern of activity across muscles simultaneously involved in the performance of a movement.”(McMorland AJ). In my PT education, I remember learning about synergies as a strategy the brain

Pondering Postural Control: Musculoskeletal Components

I have chosen Musculoskeletal (MS) components as the first, and one would perhaps think the easiest, to discuss. In this category we include measurements of passive and active range of motion, as well as measures of functional muscle strength (and ever so occasionally isolated muscle strength), limb circumference and limb length measurements. These were among

Pondering Postural Control

Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for the long silence – turns out getting the new HeartSpace clinic up and running smoothly took longer than I thought. Recently I have had time to return to pondering different facets of postural control, one of my favourite pursuits. I still consider Motor Control. Translating Research Into Clinical Research   a

Core Requirements for Physical Therapists

I recently had the honour of doing a podcast with Mindy from WiredOnDevelopment.  She’s interviewing PTs and OTs in paediatrics for their insights regarding practice and putting the information out there for all of us in a fun and accessible manner. We chatted regarding my thoughts on postural control, some of the lessons I’ve learned over

The Eyes Have It: Dynamic Systems At Work

For the last 2 posts, I have been discussing some of the details regarding functional vision – what it is, how it develops and its important contribution to movement.  If you missed these, you can read them here and here. It can be challenging as a PT to decipher the information regarding the impact of