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Big News – Dynamic Core for Kids is now available on-demand!

Well we did it.  In early October Julie Wiebe and I gave our Dynamic Core for Kids in an online course format.  We heard from many people who were disappointed they couldn’t take the course that weekend for various reasons – they were booked that weekend, they couldn’t make the time zones work.  We absolutely

Function From the Inside Out

When I first became a pediatric PT we talked about primitive postural reflexes as part of the development of postural control.  We certainly didn’t have all the answers and there were many different perspectives, so these were lively conversations with lots of good clinical problem solving. But references to primitive reflexes had mostly disappeared from

Dynamic Core for Kids – Questions From the Field: Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)

Here’s another Q & A regarding our Dynamic Core for Kids approach to central stability in children: Q: I work on a diagnostic team and unfortunately have no opportunity to implement the (Dynamic Core for Kids) strategies with my kids over time. Presently, we are being confronted with many kids for whom the question is

Talking About Torticollis

I’ve seen a lot of referrals these past few weeks for babies with torticollis.  I’ve talked about this before in the Yin and Yang of Postural Control.  A while ago I posted a clinical tip on my HeartSpace PT Facebook page regarding measuring head position for children with torticollis.  I know we’re always looking for reliable and