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A thoughtful commentary on issues in Physical Therapy for children, adolescents and adults experiencing challenges with movement

Core Stability for Babies

Babies are not born with core stability so how does it develop?   Unfortunately babies with motor and sensory challenges encounter difficulty with the development of central stability.    And finally, did you know there is a connection between core stability and emotional regulation?     

The Challenge of Incontinence for Kids with Challenges

I am honoured to work/teach with Julie Wiebe PT.  I’m very excited about this application of Dynamic Core for Kids and I am grateful  for her permission to re-post her recent blog.   Because I talk about incontinence, I often get pegged as the pelvic floor lady. Sometimes I get flack because some say I

Movement ABCs in ASD

  Recently I found myself returning to the postural control literature regarding children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to improve my understanding of the issues. Although motor impairment is not a diagnostic characteristic of ASD, Fournier1 noted:   “An immature postural control system can be a limiting factor on the emergence of other motor skills, may

Analyze That!

Movement analysis is a powerful skill.  When we are able to analyze a movement and see where a child is having difficulty, then we gain valuable information regarding where we should be targeting our intervention.  Movement analysis is one way to gain information about the “why” questions; why does a child move that way, why

The Comfort Zone

I was teaching a group of paediatric therapists recently and we were discussing the challenges they encounter connecting with children and parents in the face of dwindling funding for visits. The discussion caused me to remember an event in my early practice.  A few years after I began working, I attended a course taught by