Reflexes, Reactions and Beyond: A Dynamic Systems Primer on Postural Control

4 Mar - 4 Mar 2018 @ LifeMark Physiotherapy Downtown Vancouver


Reflexes, Reactions and Beyond: A Dynamic Systems Primer on Postural Control

Development of postural control is the underpinning of all motor skills – it is crucial to efficient function. But many clinicians struggle with a clinical understanding of postural control and the role it plays in motor skill development. This one-day course will overview the current research literature on postural control as it informs our understanding for treatment of children with sensory and motor challenges. Within the framework of postural control we will discuss the visual, proprioceptive and vestibular sensory processing involved in primitive reflexes. The progression from primitive patterns to mature postural adjustments will be explored with emphasis on the development of central stability. Discover how the development of postural control is disrupted in children with Autism, CP, DCD and hypotonia and how to intervene. Lectures, videos and practical lab experiences will enhance the participant’s clinical skills to provide concrete strategies that can be implemented immediately in your practice.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this workshop the participant will be able to:

1.Describe the development of postural control, including the contributions of the visual and vestibular sensory systems and the role of central stability.

2. Discuss the role of sensory input and processing in the expression of primitive movement patterns.

3. Employ a working model of assessment of core function in functional movement.

4. Compare and contrast a variety of treatment strategies to address different levels of functional postural control in a variety of children with movement challenges.


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