Every Motor Event Is A Sensory Event First: Anxiety, Emotional Regulation and Postural Control

6 Aug - 7 Aug 2018 @ Keynote Presentation Ohio School Based Practitioners Summit


The nature of the pediatric rehabilitation caseload has changed in the last decade. Many clients now present for Physical Therapy with sensory processing and emotional self-regulation challenges as well as postural control and gross motor deficits. The research is beginning to inform us of the inter-relationship between sensory processing, self-regulation and postural control. Also, it is now recognized that self-regulation is critical for learning of new motor skills. This creates a challenge for Physical Therapists: How do we integrate this research using practical strategies that support the functional motor goals for the child and family?

This session will provide clinicians with an overview of the interactive nature of sensory processing, emotional self-regulation and postural control in typical children and how this becomes disrupted in children with motor and sensory challenges. The impact of stress and anxiety on sensory processing and balance will also be explored. Finally, motor and sensory treatment strategies that can be clinically useful in therapy sessions will be discussed.

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