Shelley & Patient 

HeartSpace Physical Therapy for Children has been providing Physiotherapy services to children and families in the Niagara region for 20 years. In a relaxed atmosphere, children and families can talk and play, building a positive, trusting relationship with their Physiotherapist. With the support of this relationship, the therapist assists the child in working towards increased independence. HeartSpace believes that therapy should be a positive experience for children and families, a space where they can feel supported as they work towards their goals.

The Physiotherapist begins by assessing a child’s central stability, followed by assessing how this central system is working with the rest of the muscle groups for balance and movement.  If central stability is compromised, then the timing, coordination and also strength of other muscles will also be compromised.  The assessment also looks at how the child is organizing their posture, balance and movement at the present time during specific activities.  Often functional vision, vestibular function, proprioception and self-regulation are also assessed in order to guage how well they are being utilized for balance.  There is then development of a treatment plan for improvement, organizing it around what the child is interested in doing better (recreational activities etc) and/or activities of daily life.  There are usually one or two specific activities given to families to work on between sessions.  this carry over between sessions is essential as the brain needs time and repetition in order to learn the necessary movements; these activities take no more than a few minutes each day.

HeartSpace Physical Therapy for Children realizes the value of ongoing treatment and support for children who are experiencing difficulties with motor skills. HeartSpace offers a full range of treatment, consultation home program services to support children and families.

Shelley & Ryan
No doctor’s referral is needed to access HeartSpace services. Please contact us at 905-380-1627 or email to book an appointment.