It’s The Little Things That Count: An Introduction to Dynamic Core for Kids and Application to Baby Treatment

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Treating babies requires an intimate knowledge of the components of postural control as the foundation for the development of all motor skills. The current literature regarding postural control in children with CP, DCD and ASD will reviewed. The anatomy and function of the inner core unit, its partnership with outer core muscles and its central role in the development of anticipatory postural control will be discussed using the Dynamic Core for Kids approach to treatment of central stability for children with sensory and motor deficits. The dynamic systems nature of postural control will be highlighted so the participant can make connections between the musculoskeletal, sensory and motor control systems as they combine to develop complex skills, and how the interdependence of the systems impacts function in babies. Details
  • Discussion of the development of movement patterns and the connection between weight shift and central stability in children with typical development and children with sensory or motor challenges
  • Insights from postural control literature in different pediatric populations
  • Introduction to assessment of alignment and the implications for IAP and central stability
  • Highlights of development using a dynamic systems framework
  • Introduction to the interconnections between breath mechanics, central stability and autonomic nervous system regulation
  • Demonstration of the use of the rib cage as a key point of control to facilitate a movement sequence in alignment that supports anticipatory postural control
  • Illustration regarding how movement and breathing can be coordinated during treatment for babies to maximize anticipatory postural control
Running time: 1 hour and 41 minutes

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