Shelley & PatientHeartSpace Physical Therapy for Children realizes the value of ongoing treatment and support for children who are experiencing difficulties with motor skills. HeartSpace offers a full range of treatment and consultative therapy services to support children and families.

Active treatment can occur several times per week, once per week or once every 2 weeks, depending on a child’s needs. Sessions focus on increasing the child’s independence during their daily activities and improving their ability to participate in recreational activities.

Consultation services are offered once per month with home programming in partnership with the family. Consultation services can also be provided to schools, residential living facilities, recreational programmes and therapeutic programmes.

For children who require infrequent monitoring, regular recheck appointments can be arranged based on the child’s and family’s needs.

Shelley & RyanHeartSpace understands that there may be many individuals involved with each child and family. We are committed to communication and partnership with everyone involved in order to support the family in their journey towards independence.

Our therapists bring an understanding of sensory processing, oral motor and fine motor skills and relationship to gross motor function for children. This gives us the ability to appreciate the impact of therapy on many levels of function. We also integrate many complementary therapy approaches into treatment and consultation services. This coordination of these approaches supports the child’s optimal learning of functional skills.

There is no need for a doctor’s referral to HeartSpace. To schedule an appointment, call us at 905.380.1627 or email¬†