Creating Connections: Introduction to Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Dynamic Core for Kids (hybrid course)

27 Oct - 4 Nov 2024 @ TorontoKidsPhysioGroup Leaside


This three-day, hybrid course offers an introduction to Neuro-Developmental Treatment using a Dynamic Core for Kids framework regarding alignment and central stability.

Day 1 October 27, 2024 Online: Neurotypical motor development is presented within a systems perspective with the focus of study highlighting how musculoskeletal alignment contributes to the development of upper extremity function, oral motor function, phonation and functional mobility. The systems framework also assists when conceptualizing the motor differences in development of neurodiverse children and how these differences impact alignment, emotional regulation, sensory processing and motor control. There will be an independent assignment to be completed prior to attendance at the in-person portion of the workshop.

Day 2-3 November 3-4, 2024 In person: Participants will develop a basic level skill in clinical reasoning and movement analysis as part of the assessment and treatment process by combining Dynamic Core for Kids alignment concepts with NDT handling. Learning is offered through lectures, small group labs, video analysis and treatment demonstrations. There will also be an opportunity to participate in a treatment practicum with clients, which provides an invaluable opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into clinical practice.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
  1. Discuss individual components of movement in neurotypical development 0-12 months.
  2. Discuss the biomechanics of compensatory movements seen in neurodiverse children.
  3. Explain dynamic systems science of postural control and list 12 contributing component systems.
  4. Summarize the Dynamic Core for Kids approach to the mechanism of anticipatory central stability in postural control and describe the alignment that optimizes this central stability.
  5. Discuss the basic principles of NDT theory.
  6. Demonstrate an introductory level of NDT handling skills, supported by Dynamic Core alignment principles.

Important note: Due to the hybrid nature of the workshop, all participants must commit to completing an independent assignment and attending the full 2 days of in-person training in order to be awarded a certificate of completion.

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