Pelvic Health for Neurotypical and Neurodiverse Pediatric Populations

10 Dec - 10 Dec 2024 @

This event is in-house for IVY Rehab Pelvic Heath Residency clinicians only.

Pediatric continence is a challenge for many of the families encountered by PTs and OTs. However, few rehabilitation professionals feel confident to address these needs, and lack relevant tools to address them in the context of the clinical setting. Standard direct pelvic floor (ex: biofeedback), behavioral, and environmental interventions often fail to meet the complex needs of neurodiverse (and many neurotypical) kids. This presentation by Shelley Mannell and Julie Wiebe PT provides therapists with a relevant pelvic health clinical framework that is sensitive to  families and children managing developmental, emotional, sensory, and motor challenges. Through integration of the postural control, neuromuscular, movement, and pressure systems an accessible bridge between central stability and continence is created. This provides a systems-thinking model that emphasizes an approach that broadens our intervention options beyond a pelvic floor-centric thought process.

By offering relevant strategies that complement their existing skill set, this presentation will equip clinicians with tools to address continence in conjunction with other treatment needs. The presentation will provide assessment, outcome measurement, and clinical reasoning tools  to support the application of these strategies across a spectrum of needs within our neurodiverse and neurotypical populations from birth through adulthood.

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