Dynamic Core for Kids Part Two: Stability In Action

30 May - 31 May 2020 @ Nanaimo Child Development Centre


In Dynamic Core for Kids Part One therapists were introduced to the assessment of the anticipatory core and intervention strategies for children with challenges. Dynamic Core for Kids Part Two provides the opportunity to gain an increased level of mastery with assessment and treatment planning for children with a variety of motor and sensory challenges.  We will begin with a review of important Dynamic Core concepts and update therapists on the evolving research literature.  Participants will then have the opportunity to work through a fourth and final reactive core synergist and then solidify the application of all the reactive core synergists in more complex, dynamic movement activities.  Completing Day 1, assessment and treatment strategies for gait will be addressed. Day 2 will include a discussion of continence as well as small group learning opportunities for assessment and treatment planning using videotape of clients provided by participants.  Join us for this exciting 2-day learning experience that will solidify your knowledge of this approach to central stability. Special topics include central stability considerations in DCD and ASD.

Participants for this course need to have completed Dynamic Core for Kids Part One (2-day live course) or Dynamic Core for Kids Online (Bundle A = 7 modules or Module 1/Bundle B = 7 modules).  Proof of completion of DC4K Part One will be required to finalize your registration for Part Two.

This event has been cancelled due to the current pandemic.