ONLINE Making Connections: Introduction to Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Dynamic Core for Kids

21 Nov - 22 Nov 2020 @ Sick Kids


This two-day, online course offers an introduction to Neuro-Developmental Treatment using a Dynamic Core for Kids framework regarding alignment. Typical motor development is presented within a systems perspective with the focus of study highlighting how musculoskeletal alignment contributes to the development of upper extremity function, oral motor function, phonation and functional mobility. The systems framework also assists when conceptualizing the development of children with sensory and motor challenges and how these challenges impact alignment, emotional regulation and motor control.

This course is targetted for Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists and OTA/PTAs.

 Participants will learn to utilize clinical reasoning and movement analysis as part of the assessment and treatment process by combining Dynamic Core for Kids alignment concepts with NDT handling. Learning will occur through lectures, labs and analysis of videotaped treatment sessions.

 A follow up in-person handling opportunity in the spring of 2021 is being planned to augment this online offering.

Important note: As our reality changes, so do the opportunities for continuing education. This course will feature virtual handling labs. Each participant will need a 25” therapy doll for this learning format. Raggedy Ann dolls are acceptable but plastic baby dolls are not. (After the course your dolls can be extremely helpful in when coaching parents in daily clinical practice.)

 Doll examples can be found on the following sites:

Mon Amie Therapy Dolls

NDT Physical Therapy Cloth Doll Body Toddler Jointed flexible 23”

Therapy NDT Cloth doll BODY-Toddler-Jointed telehealth Large 33″


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