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Setting the Stage for Telehealth: Infographics

Hello everyone, I made these resources last week as many were sharing tips and ramping up Telehealth practices. So here are my infographics; one for parents and one for therapists. I hope you find them useful.

Posture, Breath and Regulation

Another short video on the connection between posture, breath and emotional arousal.  

The Vestibular Visual Connection At A Glance

Hello Everyone, as I use this time to dive into learning, a friend asked if I would do a quick review of the vestibular connections to vision. 

Pondering Postural Control: That’s A Wrap

In the first post of this series, I provided a graphic of the dynamic systems nature of postural control but I mentioned it didn’t have a couple of pieces that I now consider important. Here is my new graphic, one which I think more accurately reflects the nature of our present understanding. You can see

Pondering Postural Control: Cognitive Resources

Our last system in this series is cognitive resources. This is not cognition in the sense that we think about postural control every moment of every day (which would be exhausting!) but rather in the sense that there is a layer of unconscious energy that our brain dedicates to postural control. Over my career, I