SHELLEY MANNELL  Physiotherapist/Owner

Shelley Mannell is a renowned Physiotherapist and owner of HeartSpace Physical Therapy for Children.  As a knowledge seeker, problem solver and international speaker, Shelley’s mission is to bring relevant research into compassionate practice. Her specific gifts and experience as a PT have been helping children with sensory and motor challenges connect to their bodies and raising their awareness of movement. She has been supporting children and families on their journey towards independence for over 35 years.

Shelley’s enthusiasm for clinical research and education began at McMaster University as a clinical faculty member in the School of Rehabilitation Science. Making sense of complex ideas and delivering contemporary information about postural control with a touch of humour, Shelley’s topics are of interest to a wide range of professionals and parents alike.

Certified in Neurodevelopmental Treatment and Sensory Integration, Shelley is also a yoga and meditation facilitator for children. Additionally, she is the co-creator of Dynamic Core for Kids, an evidence-based approach to central stability for children with motor and sensory challenges. To round out her professional services, Shelley offers online programs, virtual consultations and a mentoring program for clinicians.

Shelley has more than 30 years experience treating babies, children and adolescents with physical challenges and gross motor delays. Shelley has been a registered Physiotherapist with the College of Physiotherapy of Ontario since graduating from McMaster University.

For a copy of Shelley’s CV, click here.


MICHELLE DUNCANSON  Physiotherapist/Associate

Michelle Duncanson has been practicing as a registered Physiotherapist since graduating from McGill University in 1993. For more than 20 years, she has worked in the rehabilitation field as both a clinician and an educator. As a clinician, Michelle has focussed her career on working with children and youth as well as their caregivers. Her professional pathway has provided opportunities for her to gain experience in a variety of settings focused in pediatrics, ranging from inpatient services in specialized pediatric hospitals, community based children’s treatment centers, to private practice.

Michelle has a passion for lifelong learning and has participated in wide-ranging post-graduate study in a variety of clinical treatment areas as well as research. In addition to working as a clinician, Michelle is a PhD candidate in Rehabilitation Science at University of Toronto. Her research is focussed on exploring transitions to adulthood for youth with disabilities to inform the development of transition programs.

In treatment, Michelle uses her knowledge of best practice evidence along with her wide range of clinical experience to develop individualized treatment plans, with the goal to assist each child to function at their best.