• Defying Gravity: Understanding and Treating Children with Low Tone

    25 Sep - 26 Sep 2021 @ PABC

    Differing degrees of hypotonia is a common denominator for many children presently referred for Physical and Occupational Therapy. In this 2-day course the neurobiology of postural tone will be explored with emphasis on research regarding the vestibular system and the contributions of gravity. The search for stability and motor development for children with low tone will serve as a basis for understanding the challenges that life presents to such a child.

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  • Dynamic Relationships in Postural Control and Development

    1 Oct - 1 Oct 2021 @ University of Michigan

    Postural control is said to be the foundation of functional motor skills. This 1/2-day presentation explores dynamic systems theory as a paradigm for understanding the complexity of postural control and motor skill development.

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