• Waiting to Exhale: Optimizing the diaphragm to support emotional regulation, anxiety and postural control

    13 Mar - 13 Mar 2023 @ Online Therapeutic Services Inc

    The nature of the pediatric rehabilitation caseload has changed in the last decade. Many clients present with sensory processing and emotional regulation challenges as well as postural control and motor deficits. The research is informing us about the inter-relationship between these phenomena and we recognize that emotional regulation is the foundation for learning any new skill. This one-day course delves into anxiety in children and explores the connections between anxiety, emotional regulation and postural control.

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  • Dynamic Core For Kids Part 1

    27 May - 28 May 2023 @ Playful Strides Inc

    Therapists document challenges with core stability in the majority of children who are experiencing motor challenges regardless of diagnosis. Join us for an exciting 2-day lecture/lab course that integrates current theory and practice in pediatric treatment with a systems approach that is anchored in a neuromuscular model of core recruitment using breathing as an access point. Practical application of the information will primarily address children over 2 years of age.

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  • Dynamic Core for Kids Goes To School

    29 May - 29 May 2023 @ Playful Strides Inc

    There are many issues that underlie a child’s readiness to learn. Teaching staff face many challenges in the classroom (and parents at home) with posture, attention, difficulty sitting still, impulse control, clumsiness and more.  Physical Therapists Shelley Mannell and Julie Wiebe present down-to-earth, practical explanations and tools for parents, teachers and staff to help children optimize their physical foundation to support their learning.

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