• Holistic Clinical Reasoning

    7 Oct - 18 Nov 2021 @ ONLINE

    There are so many layers that can contribute to the difficulties our children experience. Sensory processing, postural control, attachment, motor control, emotional regulation and cognition; all of these factors can play a part. When looking at the big picture, what are the clues that lead us to effective assessment and treatment? Join Kim Barthel, OTR…

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  • Breathtaking:Understanding the connections between breath mechanics, posture and trauma.

    2 Dec - 2 Dec 2021 @ ONLINE

    Breathing is something we take for granted and yet the mechanics of the breath are as fascinating as they are complex. Breathing delivers oxygen to our cells but also contributes to the foundation of our posture, balance, emotional regulation, continence, lymph drainage and more. This 75-minute presentation explores the connections between breath mechanics and posture…

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