• Dynamic Relationships in Postural Control for School Based Practice

    25 Jan - 25 Jan 2022 @

    Children with sensory and motor challenges experience difficulties with postural control which impact their ability to organize their bodies in space. As such, postural control forms the foundation for participation in school but creates a barrier for children with challenges. However previous models of postural control were based on our knowledge at the time but their information and application in both motor and sensory realms are incomplete based on current research and knowledge. 

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  • Waiting to Exhale:Anxiety, Emotional Regulation and Postural Control

    28 Mar - 28 Mar 2022 @ ONLINE

    The nature of the pediatric rehabilitation caseload has changed in the last decade. Many clients in school present with sensory processing and emotional regulation challenges as well as postural control and motor deficits. The research is informing us about the inter-relationship between these phenomena and we recognize that emotional regulation is the foundation for learning new motor skills.  

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  • Defying Gravity: Understanding And Treating Children with Low Tone

    28 May - 29 May 2022 @ PABC

    Differing degrees of hypotonia is a common denominator for many children presently referred for Physical and Occupational Therapy. In this 2-day course we will explore the neurobiology of postural tone with emphasis on research regarding the vestibular system and the contributions of gravity. The search for central stability and motor development for children with low…

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