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Gravity – It’s Complicated

I’ve examined anti-gravity extension and anti-gravity flexion for years as part of my assessment. Specific methods for testing both of these components are included in both the Observations Based on Sensory Integration Theory as well as the new Structured Observations of Sensory Integration – Motor (SOSI-M). Most often clinicians focus on the amount of time

Pondering Postural Control Update: Emotional Regulation

The next component in my contemporary model of postural control (see below) is emotional regulation. Interesting that in the postural control model I began with, emotional regulation was not even considered. Historically this has been the case and yet our emotional state affects everything from our muscle tone to our alignment to our body schema

Pondering Postural Control Update: Muscle Tone

My apologies again for the long radio silence. I hope you are all staying safe and taking care of yourselves and each other.  Last summer I offered a live, online course called Foundation for Function. It was a deep dive into postural control and I was honoured by the group of therapists who took that

Muscle Tone and Emotion