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Foundation For Function

Postural control is widely accepted as the foundation for all functional motor skills gross motor, fine motor and oral motor as well as phonation and articulation. However few therapists feel mastery in understanding the interconnections, assessment, clinical reasoning skills of treatment and development ...View Online Course

Physical Therapy in Autism Spectrum Disorders

The number of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder has dramatically increased over the last decade. Initially it was the prevailing opinion that ASD did not impact motor development but as more research has been completed it we now know that there can be significant impact to the motor system in the ...View Online Course

It’s The Little Things That Count: An Introduction to Dynamic Core for Kids and Application to Baby Treatment

Treating babies requires an intimate knowledge of the components of postural control as the foundation for the development of all motor skills. The current literature regarding postural control in children with CP, DCD and ASD will reviewed. The anatomy and function of the inner core unit, its partnership ...View Online Course

Learning Together:
Conversations with Shelley and Kim Congenital Muscular Torticollis

Every day, in continuing education courses all over the world, Shelley Mannell PT and Kim Barthel OT are asked for their insights by a wide variety of professionals who specialize in developmental disabilities. In this 40-minute informational video, Shelley and Kim discuss their thoughts on CMT based ...View Online Course

Dynamic Core for Kids Online

Dynamic Core for Kids DC4K is a new approach to core stability for children with challenges. Shelley Mannell, PT and Julie Wiebe, PT developed and presented an online 2-day professional development curriculum based on the approach. The course recording is presented here as individual learning Modules ...View Online Course

Dynamic Core for Kids Applied The Challenge of Continence for Kids with Challenges

Continence is a challenge for many of the families pediatric PTs and OTs encounter. But few pediatric professionals feel confident to address these needs, and standard behavioral and environmental interventions seem to fall short for atypical children and some typical kids. This 2-hour online module ...View Online Course

Every Motor Event is a Sensory Event First: Anxiety, Self-regulation and Postural Control

The nature of the pediatric rehabilitation caseload has changed in the last decade. Many clients now present for Physical Therapy with sensory processing and emotional self-regulation challenges as well as postural control and gross motor deficits. The research is beginning to inform us of the inter ...View Online Course

Therapeutic Hands and Handling

This 30-minute webinar discusses how to strengthen the use of your hands as a therapeutic tool in the treatment of children. The lessons provide practical tips on the depth of touch as well as facilitating movement using 9 different key points of control...View Online Course