Online learning is a wonderful tool, especially in these challenging times. There are multiple options to use this to your full advantage for patient consultations, case discussions or ongoing individual mentoring sessions. Design a program that best meets your needs as a clinician, whether it’s a one-time meeting to address a specific client or clinical issue, or multiple sessions to facilitate clinical reasoning, treatment or handling skills through Learning  Partners Mentorship.                                                                                                            

If your group or facility is interested in discussing a topic or case study around postural control in children with sensory and motor challenges, there are Learning Partners Group Mentorship sessions. 

Finally, if you are interested in integrating postural control clinical excellence for your whole practice, consider the Learning Partners Clinic Mentorship.

“In our last session he had a beautiful reach with his feet firmly planted on the floor, his body in alignment (as I held him in one of the handling positions you showed me) and as he reached his torso stayed upright and didn’t do a big sway! On another note, I also had another new client come recently with hemiplegic CP but I was a thousand times more confident in knowing what to look for with him as well.” A.S. Occupational Therapist April 2021

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