DC4K Module Five: Synergists: POS

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An inside-out recruitment of the deep to superficial postural relationships is critical for the creation of a postural control strategy that is both stable and responsive to the demands of function. The deep anticipatory core system (Modules 1-4) provides a deep anchor prior to movement. Module 5 builds the relationship from the deep anticipatory system foundation out to specific reactive core postural synergists. The Posterior Oblique Synergist (POS=Lats with contralateral glute max) is presented with links to anticipatory core elements, previous alignment interventions, and exercise video demonstrations. Just the exercises pleaseā€¦ click here Purchase the exercise demonstrations only without verbal instructions for set-up or correction from Dynamic Core For Kids Online. $25

The course recording is presented as individual learning Modules 1-7, with each module building on the previous presentation. The modules can be purchased one-by-one or as a bundle here

Please note: due to unavoidable internet speed and connectivity issues during the presentation, portions of some modules lost video feed of the presenters, but maintained voice over power point with embedded video demonstrations.

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