DC4K Module Two: Alignment

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Optimized alignment promotes the availability of individual components of the anticipatory core (Diaphragm, Pelvic Floor, TA and Multifidus) and augments their teamwork. The position of the ribcage relative to the pelvis contributes to maximized breath mechanics, core component teamwork and a balance of flexors/extensors. An assessment paradigm for evaluation of alignment, (including ribcage position) and corrective cueing appropriate to the pediatric population is presented.

The course recording is presented as individual learning Modules 1-7, with each module building on the previous presentation. The modules can be purchased one-by-one or as a bundle here

Please note: due to unavoidable internet speed and connectivity issues during the presentation, portions of some modules lost video feed of the presenters, but maintained voice over power point with embedded video demonstrations.

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