DC4K Applied: The Challenge of Continence for Kids with Challenges

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Continence is a challenge for many of the families pediatric PTs and OTs encounter. But few pediatric professionals feel confident to address these needs, and standard behavioral and environmental interventions seem to fall short for atypical children (and some typical kids). This 2-hour online module seeks to provide the pediatric professional with a new understanding of continence, through an exploration of the neuromuscular and pressure systems that contribute to continence (its more than just a pelvic floor problem). New intervention strategies are provided to access these systems, taking into account the unique circumstances of children with developmental, sensory and motoric challenges. Practical approaches are discussed and demonstrated to simultaneously address the interconnection between postural control, balance, gait, constipation and continence using several concepts basic to the Dynamic Core for Kids approach to central stability. Already Purchased?View Course

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Save money and gain a greater understanding of concepts and evidence behind this new approach to simultaneously achieving both core stability and continence. Combine Module One: Theory, Concepts and Evidence of the DC4K series with The Challenge of Continence for Children with Challenges.

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