Dynamic Core for Kids: Feedback from the field

As I have mentioned before, I love to get feedback from therapists who have taken our Dynamic Core for Kids courses.  This week I received a wonderful email from a Speech Language Pathologist who has taken our courses.  She writes:

“Hello Shelley,

Just a note to tell you that I use the information and apply the principles learned from your Dynamic Core For Kids course daily.  The changes I see in the kids include loudness and better positioning of the head, neck, jaw, tongue etc. to ready them for motor speech therapy, but also in attention and overall awareness and preparedness for what is being practiced/asked of them.

I constantly review to try to keep up on the muscles, interactions etc.  I’ve now had many consults with PTs and find the ‘alignment’ vocabulary extremely helpful in order to approach them.  As I am frequently discussing client issues with other staff SLPs, OTs and PTs  and SLP students, I am also providing them with information by directing them to your/Julie’s websites and courses.

Thanks again for the great courses- speech paths can get a lot out of them!!!!!”


We love to hear about how you apply the information, your successes and your questions.   Julie and I are very excited that the information can be applied across so many different populations and disciplines and we are grateful for your feedback!





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