Dynamic Core for Kids: feedback from the field………

I love to get feedback from therapists who have taken our Dynamic Core for Kids courses.  It is so exciting to see the approach applied in so many different areas of practice.  I got one of those emails this week and I wanted to share it with you.

An occupational therapist who took our course in Ottawa in April wrote:

“I have a little one (5 yrs) with DCD (moderate/severe level) who I am to see for fine motor.  Melt downs and poor trunk control pulled me down a different path.  Well I must say mom bought into the Dynamic Core really quickly as she had just had baby 2 and could understand the process and the impact of the anticipatory core on her own body.  4 weeks later:  pelvis and ribs are better aligned, she is drawing people in pictures, attending for long periods of time and most importantly is flexible in her thinking.  No more meltdowns.

Also, last Wednesday, I went to a school to support the therapists in seating.  We did a great mold of a young girl with a neurodegenerative disorder.  We were able to still align her rib cage over her hips (with some pelvic obliquity).  It was when the head was balanced over her body that we saw chest breathing and a bit of belly breathing…first time all year. O2 sats went from 88 to 99 with a change in seating…all about the diaphragm.”


Thank you all for your input, your feedback and your willingness to integrate Dynamic Core into your clinical practice.  It is an honour to work with all of you.


2 thoughts on “Dynamic Core for Kids: feedback from the field………

  1. Hello! I’m an OT working in early intervention in Southern California. Do you have any suggestions on how I can educate myself on the concept of Dynamic Core? Do you come anywhere near CA??


    • Hi Allyson, thank you for your interest! We are presently looking at bookings for 2014 and may be in California in the late spring/early summer. As well, we are working on a webinar of our 2013 APTA CSM presentation. As soon as these are finalized, they will be posted on the website. As well, my newsletter is published 4 times per year and keeps everyone up to date on courses/events. If you’re interested, you register on the home page of the website.