Movement for Learning

I recently attended a great inservice provided by VS Furniture.  For those of you who might not be familiar with them, they are the makers of the wonderful Hokki stool.   The Hokki stool is a great way to add movement into many environments, not the least of which is the classroom.  The company also makes several dynamic chairs and some nice desks that have some direct applications for our clients.

As well, the company has a nice document entitled “Bodies in Motion, Brains in Motion” which describes the link between movement and learning and shows how their product can help.  You can read it here, bodies-in-motion.

I have a Hokki stool in my office and I use it often when I need to sit at the computer for extended periods.  It’s also the favourite seat when my kids’ friends come over, they all race for the stool –  a sure sign that they like how it works.  I also have several clients who use the stool at home and at school.  I have several clients who I think will benefit from the dynamic chairs in the classroom.  If you’ve used any of these products, let me know.  I’d love you hear your experience.


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