Searching for Stability 1: A systems approach to postural control in children with challenges

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Over the last decade postural control has increasingly been discussed as a function of the interaction of multiple systems, in keeping with dynamic systems theory. This one-hour introductory webinar begins with an overview of the literature on postural control in children with sensory and motor challenges. Several key sensory systems and their interactions are also discussed as they impact the development of postural control. Mature postural control is explored in terms of an anticipatory component and the research regarding central stability is discussed as a cornerstone of anticipatory postural control. Finally a 21st century approach to central stability and postural control using the dynamic nature of the systems is presented.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the key difficulty with postural control in children with CP, ASD and DCD.
  • Discuss the development of postural control.
  • List four sensory systems and their impact on postural control.
  • Articulate the connection between alignment and mature postural control.
  • Identify three hallmarks of alignment that support mature postural control.

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