Hypotonia is a common denominator for many children presently referred for Physical and Occupational Therapy.  This 2-day course focuses on the integration of different treatment approaches when providing services for children who display the clinical signs of low tone.  The nature of postural tone will be explored with emphasis on research regarding the vestibular system and the contributions of gravity. The search for stability and motor development for the child with low tone will serve as a basis for understanding the challenges that life presents to such a child.  Using a systems frame of reference, we will examine how difficulties impact postural stability and independent functional movement, including a discussion of diastasis recti in children.  Techniques in Neuro-Developmental Treatment, soft tissue elongation, sensory processing and Dynamic Core for Kids will be presented within a clinical problem-solving model for assessment and treatment.  The course will feature a combination of lectures, videos, handling labs and group problem solving.