Instructors: Shelley Mannell, Julie Wiebe

Therapists document challenges with Core with the majority of their clients who are experiencing motor challenges, regardless of diagnosis: ASD, CP, DCD, hypotonia. Join us for a dynamic 2 day workshop that integrates current theory and practice in pediatric trreatment with a systems approach that is anchored in a neuromuscular model of Core recruitment. On Day 1 participants will learn how this “Core Strategy” is linked to effective self-regulation and also how it impacts the development of respiration, balance and functional gross and fine motor skills. A specific assessment model of the alignment, which is crucial to the function of the Core, is explained. Then the practical skill of assessing each core component is discussed. On Day 2 participants will learn to implement Dynamic Core techniques in treatment and functional activities that have immediate application to a variety of clinical situations (direct treatment, school and home programmes) in their clients ages 2 years and older. Case presentations will address how to develop Core Strategy in clients of differing ages (preschoolers, school age and teens) and diagnoses. Participants will also discuss how to integrate Dynamic Core techniques with Neuro-Developmental Treatment handling skills and sensory processing intervention to support a greater range of clients.