The Great Bike Giveaway

I admit it – I am done with our northern winter and more than ready for spring.  Looking back, one of my favourite things to do as soon as the weather got warmer was riding my bike.  From a Physical Therapy viewpoint biking is great on so many levels – vestibular input, balance, spatial awareness, strength, cardiovascular endurance, independence, the list goes on.  Not to mention that blissful feeling when you are coasting down a quiet street on a beautiful sunny day.  Sadly, some kids with disabilities won’t have the opportunity to experience any of these benefits because adapted bikes are enormously expensive and therefore out of reach for many families.  That’s where the people at Friendship Circle come in. Again this year, they are running The Great Bike Giveaway contest.  This is a national contest in partnership with companies across the US.  So if you know of a child in the US who would like a bike, let their family know about The Great Bike Giveaway at  And bring on the spring!!




2 thoughts on “The Great Bike Giveaway

  1. Our son, Owen is 8 years old and still struggles riding a bike with training wheels. He’s in a great neighborhood with lots of boys that ride with ease and speed! He works hard at it… He watched the other boys zip by him and desires to stay up with them! We love our little boy and want the very best for him!